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**NOTE: The information below does not apply during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the homepage for the latest membership and registration information.

Downtown Swim Club welcomes new and returning swimmers year-round.

Each swim season runs from September to August of the next calendar year. If you join mid-season, your DSC membership is pro-rated. Your membership starts the day you join and expires August 31, when all memberships expire and need to be renewed.

Being a member entitles you to all our practice offerings during your membership (members do not register or pay for individual practices). Membership also covers the cost of the pool, therefore you do not need to pay for pool admission.

Swimmers should be able to swim 100m of freestyle continuously with proper form. This is for the safety of yourself and fellow swimmers, as well as to ensure swimmers can follow the workouts provided by our coaches. However, there are no minimum pace times and we welcome swimmers of all speeds.

2019-2020 Season

The cost of the regular, 12-month DSC membership is $590. A $12 Masters Swimming Ontario (MSO) insurance fee is additional and mandatory for each membership season plus Swim Ontario (SO) fee (Competitive or Non-Competitive fee). The Ontario HST applies to the DSC membership fee but not the MSO insurance.

A reduced 12-month DSC membership fee of $413 is available to seniors (age 65+) and current full-time students (proof of enrollment required).


Registration is now open for the 2019-2020 season. All registration and payment are completed online. To join, proceed to Registration.

2019-2020 Members: Renewal period is going on now and invoices will be sent out in the coming weeks or you can log in to your account and renew.

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